Handmade Corsets by Anne GittosHandmade Corsets by Anne Gittos

Our handmade corsets are designed specifically for you. Whether you're choosing one of our range of available designs, or looking for something special, our corsets will reduce your waist up to 4 inches while also changing themselves over time to fit your body.

A bespoke, handmade corset can make you feel more confident and look amazing. Your waist will look smaller and you'll stand straighter, showing off the very best your figure has to offer. Our handmade corsets use metal bones and busk, which means no uncomfortable bending or distortion or risk of snapping, and take advantage of the vast range of English and European fabrics available to make you something truly special.

We offer a range of styles from the classic to the contemporary - there's a handmade corset to fit every taste. Whether it's a special something for your wedding day, an upcoming prom or just something to wear out on the town, we'll help you look the part.

Simply send us your measurements or come down to our Norwich studio to be measured up, and we'll provide you with your own handmade corset in a beautiful box presented in a drawstring bag, the ideal gift to yourself.